Heaven Meets Earth: Celebrating Pascha and the Twelve Feasts OUT OF STOCK

Beautifully and profusely illustrated in full color, "Heaven Meets Earth: Celebrating Pascha and the Twelve Feasts" by John Kosmas Skinas is specially designed to enhance a family celebration of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church. Informatively written and appealing to readers of all ages, "Heaven Meets Earth" is bountifully illustrated with memorable icons and more. "Heaven Meets Earth" brings alive each of the Twelve Great Feasts (plus Pascha, the Feast of Feasts) with hymns, traditions, Old and New Testament scriptures, explanations of the festal icon, and quotes from the Fathers. A wonderful companion as we journey through the liturgical calendar year after year, deepening our faith one feast at a time, "Heaven Meets Earth" is very highly recommended for all members of the Orthodox Christian community and is an ideal introduction for the non-specialist general reader to the principle feasts and celebrations of the Orthodox Christian church. -- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

Author: John Kosmas Skinas
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 68