Preaching Another Christ? An Orthodox View of Evangelicalism

Have you ever been approached by an Evangelical asking you if you have been saved or if you have Jesus in your heart? You no longer need to mumble some vague reply. Now you have the authentic answers by a holy Bishop of the 19th century, who will show you how to deal with these and many other questions raised by Evangelical Protestant Christians and how to witness the truths of Orthodoxy.

"Preaching Another Christ" is St. Theophan's response to a spiritual child's letter. She tells the Saint that a new Evangelical preacher has been meeting with Orthodox faithful and preaches Christ to them. But what Christ?

In this letter, St. Theophan, like St. Paul, guides the faithful to recognize the true Christ. St. Theophan's response provides much useful guidance on how Orthodox Christians can respond to Evangelicals in all places and times.