St Nectarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina: The Monastic Ideal Vol.01

St Nectarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina: The Monastic Ideal Vol.01

Volume 1: The Later Life of the Saint and the Establishment of the Holy Trinity Convent

St Nectarios is a saint of our times and for our times. His unconditional love for God and his unequivocal compassion for those around him enabled him to face the deliberate challenges and unfair trials that sought to undermine his reputation and persisted beyond his death and even his canonisation…This book examines the well-known ministry of St Nectarios by exploring the lesser-known writings, including his personal correspondence his theological treatises, and his spiritual letters. In addition, the author, Archimandrite Dr Cleopas Strongylis, provides the exceptional perspective of diverse contemporary Orthodox Christians who were either familiar or else acquainted with the saint…Indeed, herein lies the strength of this publication. The reader will read the words and hear the voice of the saint himself. In this respect, we gain direct access to the personality and person of a saint who so recently walked among us and who is so reverently venerated by Orthodox Christians throughout the world." -- Backcover

Author: Cleopas Strongylis
Format: Softcover
Pages: 257

Price: $35

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