The Philokalia

A Second Volume of Selected Readings.

Writings of Holy Mystic Fathers in which is Explained how the Mind is Purified, Illumined, and Perfected through Practical and Contemplative Ethical Philosophy.

Compiled by St. Macarios of Corinth and edited by St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite

THE PHILOKALIA (love of the beautiful) is a compilation of va­rious ascetical and spiritual writings, and was originally printed in Greek in 1782. Philokalia also signifies the love of God’s Beauty and love of the beauty of the soul and its virtues. The spiritual life is the most beautiful way of life, because the virtues, or beautiful qualities of the soul, reflect the ineffable Beauty of God.

The beauty of The Philokalia, like the beauty of the Lives of the Saints, not only elicits our admiration, but also inspires us to transform our inner being to reflect God’s Supreme Beauty, the illuminate source of the beauty of the soul.