The Wisdom of Saint Isaac the Syrian

The last 50 years or so have seen a notable renewal of interest in this 7th century master of the ascetic life. It is chiefly owing to the scholarly investigations of Dr Sebastian Brock that a long-neglected manuscript has now been recognised as the work of Saint Isaac and is gradually being made available to English readers.
The present selection of short sayings, with a valuable introduction, is part of the fruit of Dr Brock's work. The content is eminently practical. Each sentence targets the reader's attention with an often startling truth, and holds the mind steadily in its light. Saint Isaac's vivid use of images drawn directly from nature, husbandry and general human experience dispense with the need for commentary or interpretation. The sayings are themselves powerful enough to move the heart to penitence and prayer. -- Backcover

Author: St Isaac, Sebastian Brock Translater
Format: Softcover Booklet
Pages: 20