SMALL                                    LARGE                 LARGE                      E XTRA LARGE
Red Box                                  Silver Box            Yellow Box               Green Box
Single .80c                              Single $1                Single .90c                  Single $1.50
Box $13                                   Box $15                  Box $13                       Box $25

How do I light the Charcoal?

Hold the charcoal with a pair of tweezers. Light it from underneath or from the corner and wait until it starts sparkling. When the charcoal starts sparking, place it into the censor and place 3 pieces of Incense/Livani on top of the charcoal. The 3 pieces are to be touching each other as they represent The Father, Son and The Holy Spirit: Three in One. Leave the censor open as you cense the house or else the spark will go out.                                        

When to Incense the Home?
It is good practice to cense the family home every morning or evening. If this is not possible, then censing can be done on Saturday evenings and for all major Feasts of the Church.

Why Cense the Home?

Censing the home is an offering from us to God. Offering incense to God dates from the time of Moses when God gave Moses directives as to how to burn it.

Please note that lighting Charcoal, is to be done with caution. Always be attentive as the charcoal does get HOT and may burn. Keep hot charcoal away from children and animals. Any mishandling of the Charcoal is not the responsibility of The Apostle Paul Bookstore.