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A Small Book of Needs

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Compiled by St. Tikhon's Monastery Press






“A book of needs (euchologion, trebnik) contains those prayers and services which a priest or bishop requires as need arises—that is, as opposed to holy Church’s regular daily, weekly, and annual cycles of unceasing praise and supplication. This volume comprises a small selection of the contents of a complete book of needs, focusing on those services, prayers, and blessings likely to be offered away from the church itself or in emergencies. For the priest’s convenience, however, we have also included some blessings and prayers customarily served in church.”  –Preface

This revised reprint of our previous edition is an abridged version of the 4-volume Great Book of Needs set, small enough to fit in your pocket. It contains many essential prayers that take place often outside the Church building. This edition includes a more readable typeface with two bookmarks. The sections of the book are:

Part 1: Childbirth
Part 2: Prayers for the Sick
Part 3: Confession and Repentance
Part 4: Prayers at the Time of Death
Part 5: The Church Year
Part 6: Various Blessings
Part 7: Prayers in the Home
Part 8: Agriculture and Livestock
Part 9: Man and Nature


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