Abbess Thaisia: An Autobiography OUT OF STOCK

Abbess Thaisia: An Autobiography OUT OF STOCK

The Autobiography of a Spiritual Daughter of St. John of Kronstadt.

Abbess Thaisia, a spiritual heroine of the 20th century, was known throughout Russia as a guide to women Godseekers. A disciple of the Great luminary St John of Kronstadt, she set the tone for all convents in the Russian north.

The autobiography of Abbess Thaisia is a spiritual classic of the first magnetite, the product of a quick mind and a deeply feeling heart inclined to the mystical life. Accessible to readers on any level, it is thoroughly engrossing and brings one right into the author's world. She opens herself up to us as an ordinary person with normal feelings and by her testimony she shows us that communion with the spiritual realm is attainable by all. In her we see how, on the Orthodox Christian battlefield, patristic wisdom can be applied in order to lean one out of two-dimensional worldly reality and into a transcendent sphere.

Illustrated with rare pictures from Abbess Thaisia's time which help express the essence of the text, this volume also contains a complete translation of her book 'Conversations with St John of Kronstadt.' -- Backcover

Author: Abbess Thaisia
Format: Softcover
Pages: 344
Price: $18