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Against False Union

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Alexander Kalomiros, George Gabriel (Translator)






From the time of its first appearance in 1967, Alexander Kalomiros’ “Against False Union” has been widely acclaimed. Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike have made reference to it, quoting especially from its chapters on ecclesiology, salvation and the participation of the Orthodox Catholic Church in the “World Council of Churches.” We now offer a fourth printing of this timely and enlightening publication with a revised Appendix.
In these days, when “because of the abounding of iniquity the love of many hath grown cold,” we pray that this book will continue to be a source of inspiration, edification and guidance unto salvation for pious and Orthodox Christians, as well as for those who are not of the Orthodox Faith. Amen. So be it. — Preface

Prologue by Photios Kontoglou

Chapter One
Peace without Truth
There has been no Severance
Offering, Not Discussion
Salvation from the World
The Antichrist
The Mystery of Iniquity
Union of Religions
A Glance into the Past
The Old Calendar Question
The Unraveling
God is Not Mocked
The Infallible Criterion
Hidden but Living
The Ark
The Masks

Chapter Two
Contemporary Idolatry
With the Cross as Banner
The Way to Knowledge
The School of the West
Fearful Mysteries
The Light
A Great Schism
The Falling Away
The Summit of the Tower
The Difficult Way

Chapter Three
At the End of Time
The Sign of the Coming
Perilous Times Shall Come
The New Jerusalem

Revised Appendix
Is the Papacy a Church?
Tome on Baptism
Proclamation of the Holy Mountain Athos
Letter of Metropolitan Philaret
Judged by their Own Words
A Question of Integrity
The Form of Holy Baptism
New Age Bishops
Encyclical Concerning the Thessalonica Meeting


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