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An Abridged Typicon

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Feodor S. Kovalchuk






This revised and reprinted popular work about the Typikon/Typicon outlines many aspects of the services and how they ought to be done. Topics range from proper decorum in Church, the use of flowers, the orders of censing, directions on how to celebrate a hierarchical liturgy, how to serve in the presence of a non-celebrating bishop, services of Holy Week and Pascha, cross-processions, concelebration of the liturgy by multiple priests, and many other topics of interest to especially clergy in the Church.

The present volume presents an update to An Abridged Typicon first published in 1974 and reprinted in 1985 by St. Tikhon’s Seminary Press. The revisions made in this edition have been limited mostly to clarifying the text as originally presented to conform with traditional English liturgical norms now used in North America, and with much of Mother Mary’s and Kallistos Ware’s traditional liturgical translations. The chapter listing the prokeimena, alleluia verses and communion hymns in the original edition has not been included here since these texts are now available in The Apostol published by St. Tikhon’s and used here. Likewise, the table listing the readings from the Psalter and the Glossary have also been omitted.

The Temple
From the Message of H.H. Patriarch Alexis I to the Pastors of the Churches of Moscow
The Church Typicon
The Structure of Orthodox Services
Orthodox Liturgical Books
The Orderings of Services
The Sign of the Cross and Prostrations at Divine Services
The Ringing of the Bells
Small Vespers
Daily Vespers
Great Vespers
The First Hour
Daily Matins
The Three Divine Liturgies
The Priest’s and Deacon’s Devotional Preparations for Celebrating the Holy Liturgy
General Directions for the Celebration of the Liturgy
The Order for the Singing of Troparia and Kontakia
Concelebration of the Liturgy by Priests
Directions for the Hierarchal Celebration of the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom
Directions for the Hierarchal Celebration of the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts
Particulars in Service when Celebrating in the Presence of a Non-celebrating Bishop
Holy Week
Great and Holy Monday
Great and Holy Tuesday
Great and Holy Wednesday (Holy Unction)
Great and Holy Thursday
Great and Holy Friday
Great and Holy Saturday
Holy Pascha


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