An Athonite Geontikon

An Athonite Geontikon

An Athonite Geontikon: Sayings and Stories of the Holy Fathers of Mount Athos

Orthodox patristic writings. The main aim of this second English edition is to bring our dear English-speaking reader in touch with the unknown grandeur of the Hesychastic Monasticism of the Holy Mountain. Mount Athos is a centuries old arena of ascesis, stillness, prayer, liturgical life. It is the only place in the world, where for centuries, the All-holy Name of the Holy Trinity is glorified and, where men, who believe in love and truly the God-man Jesus and the Lady Theotokos, are sanctified.

It is Panagia's Garden in which nature, along with holiness and virtue, are sweet smelling due to the presence of the Divine Grace of the Holy Spirit. May the whole world wake from the deep sleep of materialism and modern idolatry and may it hear the spiritual trumpets of Athos, the silent monks and fathers, for a new life according to the Holy Gospel. Trumpets which place emphasis on the divine lineage of man as an "image of God" and his divine destination which is purification, enlightenment and theosis.

On Christ-Like Love
On Purity of the Senses and the Heart
On Unknown Saints and Hermits
On Vigil
On Heresy and other Religions
On Voluntary Poverty and on being Possessionless
On Raising Children
On Despair
On Simplicity
On Renunciation and Voluntary Exile
On Ascesis
On a Woman's Temperament, Jealousy and on Self Love
On the Virtue of Discernment of Thoughts and Spiritual States
On Christ-like Almsgiving which Draws Divine Compassion for the Forgiveness of Sins
On Various Virtuous Monks
On the Activity of Divine Grace
On the Activity of Evil Spirits
On the Final Days
On Piety, Order, on Faithfully Keeping the Orders on One's Geronda and on Respect towards the Venerable Fathers
On Eucharistic and Sacramental Life
On the Fragrance of Holy Relics and the Flowing of Unguent
On Stillness which Cleanses the Mind and Heart
On Wondrous Interventions of Divine Providence and of the Almighty Right Hand of the Most High
On Not Judging and on Accursed Criticism
On Compunction and Tears
On Studying God's Word through the Counsels of the Fathers
On Soul-Saving Repentance
On Remembrance of Death
On the Mind and Thoughts
On Divine Visions and Appearances
On Saintly Death
On Disobedience and on How Powerful the Mediation of our Spiritual Father is and on How Secure a True Monk in Obedience is
On Faith
On Delusion and Warfare from the Right
On Christ-like Meekness and being Free from all Wickedness
On the Deifying Virtue of Prayer which Contains all the Virtues
On the Blessed State of being a Fool for Christ which gives Birth to Extreme Humility and Draws upon Oneself the Divine Spirit and Heavenly Grace
On Exalting Humility
On "Tolls" and Judgement at the Time of Death
On Obedience
On Pride and Vainglory
On Patience during Trials and Temptations and on Struggling
On Avarice and on the Fathers' Non-Avaricious Way of Life
On Hospitality as a Soul Saving Criterion on the Day of Judgement
On the Virtuous Gifts of the Holy Spirit
An Excerpt from the Encomiastic Discourse on the Holy Fathers of mount Athos written by St Nikodemos the Hadiorite

Author: Holy Monastery of St. Gregory Palamas
Format: Softcover
Pages: 661
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