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One of the most interesting developments within Christianity in recent times has been the veritable explosion of interest in Eastern Orthodoxy, a trend that continues to this day. As mainstream denominations have forsaken their reliance on the biblical witness in favour by the whims of 'political correctness' and have abandoned doctrinal positions critical to their witness in the past, many of their adherents, adrift and bewildered on the turbulent waters of modernity and appalled by these developments, have entered upon personal quests for the True Christianity, and seeking, have found it in Holy Orthodoxy. -- Forward

Saint Seraphim of Sarov (1759-1833), is among the best known and most beloved saints of the Orthodox Church. During his lifetime thousands of pilgrims thronged to the Sarov Monastery to see him. They came from all over the vast land. Seventy years after his repose, love for him has so taken root in the Russian people that hundreds of thousands attended his canonisation.
The Mother of God was markedly present in St Seraphim's life from early childhood to his death. She showed him inestimable love, healing him from grave illnesses more than once and appearing to his 12 times. In one of these appearances she gave him the miraculous spring whose waters healed thousands of pilgrims from all manner of illness during and after his earthly life. -- Introduction

Author: Archbishop Lazarus Moore
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