An Orthodox Prayer Book – Μικρóν Ευχολóγιον Out of Print

A Prayer Book in both English and Greek to be read by a Priest for the following occasions.

Introduction Prayers
The Order for the Lesser Sanctification of Water
Prayers on the Birth of a Child
Prayer at the Signing of a Child when it receives a Name on the Eighth Day after its Birth
Prayers for the Churching of a Mother and a Child after 40 Days
Prayers for a Woman who has suffered a Miscarriage
Order Before Holy Baptism. Prayers at the Making of a Catechumen
The Service of Holy Baptism
The Service of Betrothal
The Service of Crowning, that is of Marriage
Funeral Service, that is The Service for those who have Fallen Asleep
Funeral Service during Renewal Week
Funeral Service for Infants
The Sacrament of Holy Confession
Prayers for Forgiveness
Prayers for the Sick
Prayers for Various Occasions
Before an Operation
Thanksgiving for Recovering
Communion of the Sick
Prayer for the Church School
Service of the Adoption of a Child
The Prayer for the Blessing of Homes at Theophany
Prayers at the Foundation of a House
For the Blessing of Any Object
The Blessing and Hallowing of Icons
Prayer when One is to take up Abode in a New House
Prayer at the Blessing of a Medal
Communion of the Sick in a Hospital
Prayers of Thanksgiving
Prayers in Times of Trouble
Prayer for the Deliverance from the Evil Eye

Author: Fr N. M. Vaporis
Format: Vinyl Covered Softcover
Pages: 162
Price: $70            Out of Print