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Defeating Sin: Overcoming our Passions and Changing Forever

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Fr Joseph David Huneycutt


Soft Cover




Defeating Sin will help readers to better understand the disease that troubles the human soul. Defeating Sin will prove an invaluable aid for those engaged in spiritual warfare, helping them make that U-trun from the passions toward the virtues. Christians of all denominational background will benefit from the ancient wisdom of the Church Fathers and the perpetual call to repentance.

Providing both the ‘diagnosis’ and a course of spiritual therapy, Defeating Sin investigates the nature of the passions an the saving grace of the virtues. Many fundamental questions are explored:

  • What led to the fall of the devil and his angels?
  • What led to the fall of Adam and Even, our first parents?
  • What causes our own falls?
  • How can we identify the deceptions and temptations of the enemy?
  • How do we get up when we fall?
  • How can we struggle toward God-pleasing solutions to our problems?


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