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History and Miracles of Panormitis

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Georgios V. Petropoulos






Every country and place boasts of its particular history and its contribution in general to the various human achievements. Orthodox Greece however, has been endowed historically by the Gift-giving Lord with rare gifts and countless blessings which make up the heavy legacy of modern Greeks. Every corner of this beautiful country takes pride in celebrated events, leading historical figures, but above all in its Saints and their venerable Monasteries. These treasuries of faith and culture, over the passage of centuries, retain and preserve unalloyed the essence and value of our spiritual wealth.

The famous Holy Archangel Monastery of Taxiarchis Michael Panormitis at the remote island of Symi, plays exactly this crucial role and its history is woven of a dramatic multifaceted cloth of struggles, sacrifices and selfless contribution to the Orthodoxy and to the Race. With the Grace of the Immense Taxiarchis, it preserved the Orthodoxy and Greekness of the Island, cultivated literature, played a leading role in the liberation struggles of the nation and was always at the side of the tried Dodecanesian People.


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