How and Why the Marriage

The Word of God is for all humanity. It is the sowing for all the lengths and the widths of the earth. The commandment of God is explicit. We must and are indebted to spread  God's word <to all Nations> (Matthew 28:19).
The motivating factor for me to have my small book <How and Why the Marriage> translated into English for all the nations and to have it circulated to all English speaking nations, came from the love for the Word of God that inflames the hearts of the sacerdotal couple of Father Constantine and Presvytera Helen Kakabelaki.
May God grant that the circulation of this book will be blessed by the Lord of Life so that the marriage of the children of God of the Orthodox faithful will be blessed too.
In our times, the fundamental purpose of marriage and the beautiful life of marriage has been lost. When the faithful see and face marriage in the prospective of the Cross and the Resurrection, then they can live the joy of the society which is called Family, also known as the Church Family in our Orthodox faith.  -- Forward

Author: Archimandrite Daniel G Aerakis
Format: Softcover
Pages: 96