Life with Jesus Christ (Teacher’s Manual)

Life with Jesus Christ (Teacher’s Manual)

One of the most important ministries in the Orthodox Church is the instruction of its members in faith, tradition and spiritual life. For this purpose the Church calls Christian educators, priests and catechists, to participate in this very serious ministry and to become vehicles of the Holy Spirit Who is the source of all wisdom and truth. They become instruments through which God works in the lives of their pupils.

The Mission Office of Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece, in its attempt to assist the teaching of Christian educators, has undertaken the publication of a series of catechetical manuals for teachers. Eleni Ganouri, on behalf of the Mission Office, has worked toward this aim using various theological and educational books and some of the manuals for Sunday school teachers published by the Orthodox Christian Education Commission of America.

In this teacher's manual "LIFE WITH JESUS CHRIST" we have tried to present lesson plans to help Sunday school teachers fulfill their very important task in serving the Church. The main purpose of these lessons is to help the pupils to live the life in Jesus Christ.

The lessons are planned in such a way that the general theme ("Life with Jesus Christ") is to be properly served. Jesus Christ through His teaching, His life, His miracles and His death and resurection reveals the kind of life we as believers ought to live.

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