Lives of Saints Vol. 02: Holy Hierarch Nectarios of Pentapolis

Holy Hierarch Nectarios of Pentapolis, who became holy from enduring persecution and slander; not from pagans or heretics, but from Orthodox clergymen (November 9)

Also included in this volume: the lives, Troparion and Kontakion of:

  • Holy Mother Euphrosyne of Alexandria, Daughter of Saint Paphnutius of Egypt, she disguised herself as a man, entered into a men's monastery and struggled for 38 years without being detected (September 25)
  • Saint James the Ascetic, the monk who fell into demonic deception because of his pride (June 13)
  • New Martyr Zlata: New Martyr of Bulgaria, the holy virgin who was urged by her parents to deny Christ (October 13)
  • Holy Martyr Porphyrius, the pagan who mocked the Christian sacraments (September 15)

Author: Holy Dormition Sisterhood
Format: Softcover
Pages: 68