Lives of Saints Vol. 04: Holy Martyrs Cyprian & Justina Out of Stock

Holy Martyrs Cyprian & Justina, the former sorcerer converts to Christ through a pious virgin (October 2)

Also included in this volume: the lives, Troparion and Kontakion of:

  • Matushka Maria of Gatchina, the consoling catacomb Eldress and healer of depression (January 26)
  • Holy Great Martyr Christopher, the handsome soldier who prayed to God to make his ugly because his looks were a cause of temptation (May 9)
  • Saints Xenophon, Mary & their sons Arcadius and John, who show us the miraculous Providence of God (January 26)

Author: Holy Dormition Sisterhood
Format: Softcover
Pages: 67
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