Missionary Letters of Saint Nikolai Velimirovich Part 1 OUT OF PRINT

Bishop Nikolai's Missionary Letters were written over a period of many years, and to a people of a wide variety of backgrounds. He responded to the questions and concerns of both Orthodox and non-Orthodox, to the learned and to people of little or no formal education.

A central theme, if not the central theme of the Bishop's highly practical theology is that of gratefulness, of finding God's presence in the middle of the difficulties and sorrows of life, as much as in times of joy and fulfilment.

If we were to sum up Bishop Nikolai's practical theology as found in the Missionary Letters we might best use Letter 36, where he sets out a belief that faith, more than knowledge is the guide for our life, whether personal or political: "God gave man enough capability to believe, but not enough to know." For him: "love is the method of comprehension." -- II The Missionary Letters  (pp.xviii-xxvii)

Author: St Nikolai Velimirovich
Format: Softcover
Pages: 375