My Daily Orthodox Prayer Book Out of Stock

Here are pages of classic Orthodox prayers for every occasion and need. Through the centuries the Holy Spirit has inspired countless Church Fathers and saints to compose magnificent prayers that are now readily available for personal or family use in this handy pocket-size volume.

Includes sections on Praying the Daily Hours; The First, Third, Sixth and Ninth Hour; Vespers: The Midnight Office; The Trisagion Prayer; Prayer Before Reading the Bible; Preparation for Confession; Prayers Before and After Communion; Establishing a Daily Rule of Prayer; Morning and Evening Prayers; Prayers for Children; Prayers for the Sick and the Departed; A Morning Prayer by the Elders of Optino; A Child's Morning Prayer; Personal Prayer Requests; The Creed: Evening Prayers; Prayers of Forgiveness; The Publican's Prayer; The Dying Thief's Prayer; Thanks for Comfort; A Prayer of Intercession; Prayer to the Theotokos; Prayer to the Lord; O Gladsome Light: Prayer of St Simeon; Thanksgiving for Recovery After illness; A Prayer Request to Your Patron Saint: a Prayer Request to Your Guardian Angel; Prayer for the Coming of Jesus;  Preparation for Holy Confession and many more.

Author: Anthony M. Coniaris
Format: Softcover
Pages: 208
Price: $25   Out of Stock