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O God of Demetrios: The Story of Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki

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Angeline Eliakopoulos






O God of Demetrios’ brings to life one of the popular saints of the Orthodox Church, Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki. The first part of the book relates Demetrios’ life story from his youth through his rise to the respected position of Prefect of Thessaloniki. Demetrios’ courage in defying the Emperor of Rome, his dedication in teaching others about Christ in spite of grave consequence; and his inspiration to his student and friend Nestor, as Nestor determines to challenge the Emperor’s select gladiator Lyaeus, are related in story form so that the young reader can appreciate true heroism.

Other material provided in this book are chapters on how Demetrios came to be recognised as a saint of the Church through his miracles and intercessions after his martyrdom, the history of the church built and dedicated to Saint Demetrios in Thessaloniki, Greece; how one comes to be recognised as a saint of the Church, and questions to challenge the readers’ thinking.

All of the characters in this book but one, Marko, are historical people. All of the events related in this book are historical.

The story of Demetrios and his influence on Nestor in his battle with Lyaeus are popularly repeated. The importance of Loupos, Demetrios’ servant and Leontios, the man who experienced Demetrios’ healing and who built in gratitude a church in saint Demetrio’s honour, are less known and provide interesting reading.

Martyred in 306AD, during the Roman persecutions of Christians, Saint Demetrios continues into the 21st century to be the protector of Thessaloniki, to intercede and bring healing with the miraculous myrrh that flows from his tomb, and to be venerated throughout the Orthodox Christian world. — Backcover


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