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On Living Simply: The Golden Voice of John Chrysostom

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Robert Van de Weyer






This meditational book contains more than 90 excerpts from the sermons of Saint John Chrysostom, a major but little-known spiritual thinker of the early Church. Robert Van de Weyer has selected thematic passages from the written record of these sermons in order to inspire, challenge, remind and reassure a new generation of readers.

John Chrysostom was a spell-binding preacher and the leader of the Church of Constantinople during the 4th century. He chastised the rich for failing to share their wealth with the less fortunate and he described generosity to another not as gift-giving, but as a required payment of a debt. He viewed the goal of marriage as companionship on the journey to heaven. This book brings these and other views across the centuries in a message whose modernity, bluntness and vigour is undimmed by time. — Backcover


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