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Orthodox Faith and Life in Christ – Fr Justin Popovich

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Father Justin Popvich






This volume is a collection of selected works on the important issues written by the late Archimandrite and Professor of the Theological School in Belgrade, Serbia, Fr Justin Popovich (1894-1979). They are published here for the first time in book form and in the English language. The volume present all the dimension of the theological, philosophical and spiritual thought of Fr Justin.
For him, the Christian faith not only concerns a certain group of people but it is a matter of salvation of all Creation and should therefore be applied to all forms of life. The text is evidence of the fact that Fr Justin is one of the foremost Orthodox theologians of the 20th century and a very wise interpreter and firm defence of the Tradition of the Orthodox Church.
Also included are 3 beautiful hymns composed especially for tis edition and in honour of Fr Justin in Greek and English.


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