Passions and Virtues According to Saint Gregory Palamas OUT OF PRINT

The present study investigates the teachings of Palamas on passions and virtues. The First chapter discusses the definition of passion as the movement of the soul contrary to nature. With the analysis of the different passions, which are "the multifaceted connections with the earthly things of this life difficult to break," their causes, progress and forms will also be discussed. The second chapter addresses the phenomenology of passions, where their appearance and influence on the tri-partite soul is examined, as well as is the role of the devil as the instigator behind the passions. The third chapter deals with repentance and mourning as the initial preconditions for purification of the passions. The fourth chapter addresses the meaning of virtue as 'the middle way' of the spiritual life. In the fifth chapter, a series of the ‘divine passions’ are presented, which are crowned and perfected in theosis and lasting communion with God.