Prayer Book


Morning Prayers and Prayers at Mealtime
Service of Vespers
Small Compline
The Salutations to the Theotokos
Prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ
Small Paraklesis
Prayers at Mealtime
The Paschal Hours
The Lesser Hours: First Hour - Third Hour - Sixth Hour - Ninth Hour
Preparation for Communion
Thanksgiving after Communion
The Prayer of the Heart
A Safeguard for the Soul

Morning Prayers: Prayer of Arch. Sophrony for Daybreak & Morning Prayer of Metropolitan Philaret
Prayers for Oneself: Prayer of St Dimitri of Rostov, Prayer to Accept the Will of God, Prayer for Repentance
Prayers for Loved Ones: A Mother's Prayer for her Children: Prayer for One's Sibling(s), Prayer for a Married Couple, Another Prayer for a Married Couple, Prayer for a Woman with Child, Another Prayer for a Woman with Child, Intercession for a Woman with Child, Prayer of a Child for his parents
Prayers for the Departed: General Prayer for the Dead, Prayer for a Dead Child
Prayers Before any Task: Another Prayer
Prayers for Those in Distress: Prayers for Those Depressed, Prayer for Mental Well-being, Prayer for Someone in Trouble
Prayers for Purity: Prayer by Mark the Monk, Prayer by St Basil the Great, Another Prayer for Purity
Prayers for Spiritual Guidance: Prayer to Find a Spiritual Father, Prayer before Reading Holy Books, Prayer for Priests
Prayers for the Sick: Prayer for Others who are Sick, Prayer for Oneself when Sick, Prayer for Thanksgiving after Recovery, Prayer after an Operation, Prayer for the Terminally Ill
Prayers for Travellers: Prayer before Travel, Another Prayer before Travel

Fasting periods of the Church

Epilogue: St Maximos on Prayer


Author: Holy Transfiguration Monastery (Translators) 5th Ed.
Format: Hardcover (clothbound)
Pages: 384
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