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Romanian Patericon: Saints of the Romanian Church Vol. 1

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Archimandrite Ioanichie Balan




Each Christian nation, upon encountering and loving incarnate Deity in the Person of Jesus Christ, has produced a “cloud of witnesses” which has laid a path for subsequent generations. Thus many Christian nations were set on their course not so much by various conquerors and military leaders, as by heroes of God who battled with the armies of Satan and won victory for Christ in initially pagan cultures. Romania was especially abundant in such heroes. Romania was Christianized in the first centuries after the Lord’s Ascension, thus in a natural way acquiring a rich monastic tradition.

The Romanian Patericon is now appearing in English for the first time: a compilation of the lives of righteous men and women who have adorned the Romanian land since the dawn of the Christian era. The fathers and mothers of this Patericon, stepping out from past centuries, will echo and be heard through the slums and ruins of modern civilization by way of contemporary youth. This is not only a miracle of God’s grace to the fallen Christianity of the twenty-first century, but also a spiritual thunder resounding and echoing across a world of conscientious, living souls, calling men and woman of good will to follow in the footsteps of Christ.


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