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The Book of Revelation

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St John the Theologian, Archimandrite Antipas (Compiler)






For centuries now, people have poured over the book of Revelation and have been curious about the Sacred Cave of the Theophany, seeking to penetrate its meaning and venerate with devotion the traces of the disciple of Love. This book aspires to prepare the reader for such holy and mystical veneration, setting out appropriately what relates to the theological significance of the Apocalypse.

Photographs include the Cave and Church of the location of the manifestation to St John of the visions of the Apocalypse. Also, the iconography in the Monastery of Dionysiou, Mt Athos of the Apocalypse are presented. Some of these include: The Vision of the Lampstands; The 24 Elders and the Book with Seven Seals; The Clothing of the Martyrs from beneath the Altar; The Falling of the Starts and the Great Earthquake; The Sealing of the 144,000 Elect and many more.

Verse by verse, the New Testament or Koine Greek text on the left side is translated into English on the right said of the book.

The Place of Composition
The Date of the Book of the Revelation
The author
Patristic References
Revelation and the environment
Revelation and the economy
Revelation and politics
Revelation and war
The content of the sacred book


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