The Divine Names and The Mystical Theology

The Divine Names and The Mystical Theology: Saint Dionysios the Areopagite

Divine Hymns and Songs of Praise to God

In his enraptured yearning for the Creator, Saint Dionysios received theology from Above in the form of divine love.

"The Creator of the Universe Himself, in His Beautiful and Good Yearning toward the Universe, is transported outside of Himself and so is drawn from His transcendent throne above all things, to dwell in the heart of all things."

These extraordinary texts offer the reader an entry into the highest purpose of divine praise: the enraptured soul's union with God Who is Infinite Love.

Of the translations of Saint Dionysios into English, none have captured the inspiring beauty of the original Greek text as has C.E. Rolt's time-honoured edition.

Author: C. E Rolt, Translator
Format: Softcover
Pages: 166
Price: $20