The Evergetinos: A Complete Text Volume 1 of The First Book

One of the classic collections of Orthodox spiritual writings, the Evergetinos is a source of inspiration, spiritual guidance, and insight into the lives of men and women who, during the first few centuries of Christianity, attained to the highest ideals of the spiritual life. In the spiritual laboratory of the Egyptian desert, these seekers after salvation, enlightenment and union with Christ brought into sharp focus the teachings of the Apostles and the message of Holy Writ in their daily lives and activities. The stern, the loving, "fools for Christ" - all of the exemplars of Christian sainthood, the many inhabitants of the many mansions above, are to be found in the rich and profitable lives portrayed in this collection. And to be found, too, are perfect models for every modern Christian who wishes sincerely to imitate those who have walked the path towards moral and spiritual perfection. -- Backcover

Author: Bishop Chrysostomos, Hieromonk Auxentios, John V. Petropoulos, Gregory Telepneff, Hieormonk Ambrosios
Format: Softcover
Pages: 105