The Holy Hierarch Spyridon, The Good Shepherd

The Holy Hierarch Spyridon lived on the island of Cyprus, which was then part of the Roman Empire. In his youth he was a shepherd, but for his meekness, wisdom and great mercy he was elected a Bishop. As a hierarch, Saint Spyridon worked many miracles for the faithful, he shepherded with love and simplicity: he melted the hearts of unmerciful rich men, he summoned rain from the skies by prayer, he healed unforgiving diseases and revealed the mystery of the Holy Trinity at the Council of Nicaea. After falling asleep, his relics, which now can be found in the island of Corfu, saved the island from being conquered by the Ottomans.

Author: Catalin Grigore
Format: Softcover
Pages: 28
Price: $28