The Lives of the Saints of the Holy Land and the Sinai Dessert Out of Print

The Lives of the Saints of the Holy Land and the Sinai Dessert Out of Print

The lives of over 100 lives of holy hierarchs, martyrs, confessors, ascetics, and hymnographers throughout the year, according to the Church Calendar.

January: George the Chezobite; Theodosius the Coenobiarch; Peter Absalom; Fathers, Slain at Sinai and Raithu; Euthymius the Great and Theoctistus, his Fellow-Ascetic (Sept. 3); Anastasius the Persian; Symeon the Ancient.

February: Adrianus and Eubulus, Martyrs at Caesarea; Barsanuphius the Great Elder & John the Prophet; Mastridia of Jerusalem; Ennatha the Vrigin-Martyr; Elias, Jeremias, Isaias, Samuel and Daniel; Pamphilus the Presbyter (Nov. 5), Valens the Deacon and Paul of Jamnia

March: Gerasimus of the Jordan; Eulogius and Eulampius the Martyrs; Conon the Gardener; Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem; George of Sinai; Martyrs Agapius, Paesis, Timolaus, Romulus, Alexander, Alexander, Dionysius and Dionysius; Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem; John, Sergius, Patrick and the Slain Fathers of the St Savvas Monastery; Eight Martyrs of Caesarea; Hesychius, Presbyter of Jerusalem; John, Abbot of Sinai

April: Mary of Egypt; Martyrs Amphianus and Aedesius; Zosimas the Presbyter; Gregory of Sinai (also Aug. 8); Teo Martyrs of Ascalon; Paphnutius, Hieromartyr of Jerusalem; John of the Old Lavra; Anastasius I and Anastasius II, Patriarchs of Jerusalem; Anastasius, Abbot of Sinai; Anastasius the Hermit

May: Martyrs Aphrodisius, Leontius, Anthony, Melous, Valerian, Macrobius and others; Leontius, Patriarch of Jerusalem; Theodosia the Virgin-Martyr; Five Martyrs of Ascalon

June: Zosimas of Sinai: Dorotheus, Hieromartyr of Gaza; Martyrs Mary, Martha, Cyria, Vareria and Marcia; James the Ascetic; Simon the Sinai; Seventy Martyrs of Scythopolis

July: Juvenal, Patriarch of Jerusalem; Andrew, Archbishop of Crete; Mary (Golinduc) of Persia; Martyrs Paul, Theo and Valentina; Theodora, Archbishop of Edessa, Monk-Martyr Michael of Mar Savvas (May 23) and King John the Persian (May 30)

August: Narcissus, Patriarch of Jerusalem; Asterius the Senator; Dorotheus of Gaza; Dositheus, Monk of Thawatha; Thirty-Three Martyrs of Palestine; Timothy, Agapius and Thekla; Seven Virgin-Martyrs of Gaza

September: Hermione the Virgin-Martyr, together with Theodulos and Theotimus; Fifty Martyrs of Palestine; Jonas the Savvaite; Eusebius, Nestabus and Zeno of Gaza; Coprius of St Theodosius Monastery; Chariton of Old Lavra; Cyriacus the Anchorite; Mary the Ascetic; Theophanes the Merciful

October: John the Chozevite; Cosmas the poet, Bishop of Maiouma; Paraskeve the New; Silvanus, Hieromartyr of Gaza; Hilarion the Great; Cyriacus, Patriarch of Jerusalem and his Mother, Anna the Martyr; Stephen of St savvas Monastery

November: Martyrs Domninus, Timothy, Theotimus, Theophilus, Carterius, Eupsychius, Silvanus and the Three Virgins; Neilos and Theodulos of Sinai (Jan. 14); Martyrs Antonius, Nicephorus, Herman and Manetha; Romanos the Deacon

December: John of Kolonia; John of Damascus; Savvas the Sanctified; Alexander the Bishop of Jerusalem; Susanna the Hierodeaconess; Pardus the Solitary; Modestus II, Archbishop of Jerusalem; Modestus I, Archbishop of Jerusalem; Michael the Confessor; Zacchaeus the Deacon and Alphaeus the Reader; Martyrs Ares, Probus and Elias; Antiochus the Monk; Theodore the Branded and Theophanes the poet (Oct.11); Melanie the Younger; Gelasius the Monk.

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