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The Mystery of Marriage: A Fellowship of Love

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 Hieromonk Gregorios






This book examines, on the basis of Holy Scripture and the writing of the Holy Fathers of the Church, the Orthodox understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage. In addition to explaining the sacrament itself, Hieromonk Gregorios spends considerable time on the spousal relationship, both prior to and after the marriage, with a view to helping couples understand how to establish a strong and lasting bond of love under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Introduction: Marriage as a Fellowship of Love
1) Acquaintance and Betrothal
2) Life Before Marriage
3) This Mystery is a Great One
4) The Spouses as a Union of Love
5) The Celebration of the Sacrament
6) Children, the Fruit of Love
7) Sharing a Spiritual Father
8) A Shared Spiritual Life
9) Epilogue: Love Conquers Death


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