The Orthodox Church: 455 Questions and Answers

A concise and comprehensive handbook on the Orthodox Faith thoroughly indexed for easy reference.

The range of topics explored in this book include the following:
Abortion; Agnostics; Astrology; Birth Control; Burial; Byzantine Iconography: Calendars: Canonization; Cathars; Celibacy; Chrismation; Church Attendance; Circumcision; Communion & Non-Orthodox; Confession; Creation; Cremation; Cult; Death; Divorce; Dormition of Theotokos; Dreams;Easter; Economia; Emotions; End of World; Emotions; Epiphany; Epistle to Romans; Essenes; Eucharist; Euthanasia; Evil Eye/Spirits; Exorcisms; Filioque; First Christians; Forgiveness; Fortune Tellers; God; Gospel; Graven Images; Head Covering; Hunder & Dying; Iconoclasm; Immaculate Conception; Incense; King James Version; Kneeling; Language in Liturgy; Lent; Malachi; Marriage; Materialism; Non-Believers; Nuclear War; Numerical Symbolism; Open Caskets; Ordination of Women; Pascha; Passover; Qumram; Rape; Rapture; Romanian Church; Sacraments; Saints; Theotokos; Unborn Child & Communion; Uniates; Veil in Front of Altar; Veneration; Water Blessing; Women's Ordination.

Author: Stanley S. Harakas
Format: Softcover
Pages: 354
Price: $36