Theosis: The True Purpose of Human Life OUT OF PRINT

The beauty of this book is its simplicity. In clear and simple terms it states the original purpose of the Christian life - namely Theosis.

Chapters include:
Theosis the true purpose of human life
The incarnation of God: The cause of man's Theosis
The contribution of the Theotokos to the Theosis of man
The Church: The place of man's Theosis
Theosis is possible through the uncreated energies of God
Qualifications for Theosis
Experiences of Theosis
Failure of many people to reach Theosis
Consequence of guidance for Theosis
Consequences of guidance that does not lead to Theosis

Author: Archimandrite George, Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Saint Gregorios, Mt Athos
Format: Softcover
Pages: 86
Price: $10
Out of Print