We will be closed from Sunday Dec. 25 2022 and reopen Thursday Jan. 12 2023.

Opening Hours: Please see the Contact/Ordering section of the website.

This is a difficult time for all people. It is also a time of the testing of our Faith. Prayers and Spiritual reading will not only keep us grounded and give us hope, but will enable us to strengthen a brother who needs emotional or spiritual uplifting.

Our Church has suffered persecution throughout its history. It has always been overcome through ardent and tearful prayer and repentance.

Let us use this time to deepen our love for Christ and His Church.

Through the prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos, St Nikiforos the Leper and the Archangel Michael, I pray that we all remain strong in the Faith and Love of the Triune God.

Christian Orthodox Brotherhood of Apostle Paul

The Christian Orthodox Brotherhood of Apostle Paul Ltd. is a bookstore which was originally founded to provide spiritual resources for the Greek Orthodox community. Today, it not only serves to provide for the Greek Orthodox faithful, but welcomes all who wish to learn about the Orthodox faith.

The bookstore stocks books in both Greek and English as well as icons, incense, wicks, charcoal, oil, pure bees-wax candles, vigil lamps, holy water bottles, prayer ropes, Prosforo seals (sfragida), audio Bibles and spiritual talks.

From the lives of saints, prayer books, bibles and cookbooks, to information for the bereaved and contemporary issues, our catalogue includes the largest collection of Christian Orthodox material in the southern hemisphere with a constantly expanding collection. We also include books in English on Romanian, Russian and Serbian saints.

The Christian Orthodox Brotherhood of Apostle Paul Ltd. is a registered Not-for-profit charity organisation. All proceeds are reinvested in the Bookstore to obtain further spiritual material of benefit to a wide cross-section of Australian society. It is staffed by dedicated volunteers.

We warmly welcome you and your family to the Apostle Paul Bookstore and look forward to assisting you on your spiritual journey.

You can read more about the history of the Bookstore, its founder Mike Micos (Gerasimos Michopoulos) here.