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Bishop Augoustinos Kantiotes

Bishop Augoustinos Kantiotes was born in 1907 on the island of Paros, Greece.

As a priest-monk he travelled throughout Greece, where his fiery preaching stirred people to a greater love for Christ and their suffering nation. But it was the war years and the messages he preached that were not popular with the German and Italian Occupants and later in the Civil War, with the Communists.

Fr Augoustinos’ adventure-filled life included many trials and tribulations and he miraculously escaped death many times. Loved and revered by the populace, Divine Providence saw him elected bishop of Florina in 1967, where he energetically continued to care for his flock’s spiritual and material needs. But his immense popularity and his battles against corruption often disgruntled those in positions of power and Fr Augoustinos was subject to many persecutions, including a failed attempt by the government to medically diagnose him as officially insane.

However, none of these persecutions deterred him in his quest to uphold the Truth. He inspired myriads of people and changed countless lives up until his passing into eternal life in 2010, at the grand age of 103.

Even today, his bold example, the numerous books he authored and the publications of his sermons in print and audio form, continue to influence people to a higher standard of living.

Extracted from: Metropolitan Augoustinos N Kantiotes: A Short Biography by Holy Coenobitic Monastery, Zoodochos Pigi 2015