A Defence of Monasticism

Is it not strange, some will say, to defend monasticism, which has existed already more than 1500 years, firmly established by the testimonies and examples from the lives of numerous ascetics, justified in the profound writings of such theologians as St Basil the Great, St Gregory the Theologian or St Theodore the Studite, its roots embedded in the bosom of Christianity and its history, having become the stronghold and the adornment of the Church?
Monasticism, in fact, can find for itself an entire cloud of witnesses and advocates. Nevertheless, it is even to this day subjected to constant attacks by its many opponents who seek to deny it of its very right to exist. If they have been scandalised only by the examples of those among monastics who lead imperfect lives and who defile and demean this lofty calling, then their negative attitude towards monasteries and monasticism in general would have some basis. But to judge monasticism as a whole by a few bad monks is as inappropriate as to disparage the merit of all who bear the military uniform because of a few poor and dissolute soldiers and officers… (pp.9-10)

Author: Metropolitan Anastassy
Format: Softcover Booklet
Pages: 86
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