A Man Is His Faith

Why is there so much darkness in today's world, so much fear and so much confusion? Is it because man has ceased to believe in God or is it because he no longer believes in truth?
This is the "television generation" - a generation so desensitised, trivialised and shallow that it can accept with good cheer the modern dictum to "do your own thing." Truth is vulgarised to such an extent that no one any longer feels sure of 'anything' in his heart; we have been told over and over that everything is relative and nothing is certain…..
Herein lies the tragedy of modern man: for there 'are' answers, there 'is' a way by which one might live and understand, a way that is both assured and satisfying; but modern man will have none of it…..
Ivan Kireyevsky was a man of surpassing intelligence and culture, capable of thoroughly grasping the most exalted philosophies of the West. This book is about him and about the way in which he finally realised the futility of western civilisation, about the profound questions he raised concerning modern man and especially about the way in which a true philosophy of life might be attained. -- Introduction

Author: Alexey Young
Format: Softcover
Pages: 64
Price: $10