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A Panoramic View of Holy Scripture Vol. 1

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Bishop Augoustinos N. Kantiotes






Orthodox Homilies introducing all the books of the New Testament

This is a special commentary and summary on each book of the New Testament. The present homilies are practical, inspirational, filled with instructions and they will rightly help the readers in their study of the Word of God and in the application of it in their everyday lives. The author hopes that the readers, after reading each homily, will read the text in the Holy Bible thoughtfully and prayerfully. The Holy Bible for him is a single revelation with beginning, middle and end. Christ is the centre and the axis, around which all of Holy Scripture, both the Old and the New Testaments, turn. Angels, patriarchs, kings, prophets and all the saved ones speak about the Lord Jesus Christ. Bishop Kantiotes is sure that Holy Scripture, as the Orthodox Church interprets it, is the unique guide for the solution of all the problems that confront humanity today, and the only way for man to find salvation. — Backcover


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