After Death

After Death

There was a man who did not realise he was sleeping in a train which ran at a high rate of speed. He woke up, and instead of anxiously asking, "Where is this train going?" he drank his coffee, smoked a cigarette, yawned and went back to sleep! And the train kept on traveling!

Our life looks like a train that travels. What is the purpose of being wealthy and claiming to have knowledge of different things, if we are not aware of the purple of our journey?

This book is about a "travel guide" to a "journey" with meaning, hope and purpose. -- Backcover

Part I Concerning Death
Part II After Death
Part III What We Should do For the Souls
Part IV Concerning the Judgement

3rd Ed.

Author: Archimandrite Vassilios Bakogiannis
Format: Softcover
Pages: 139
Price: $24