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Akathist to Saint Gabriel the Confessor and Fool for Christ

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Mtskheta: the ancient capital of Georgia: Starets Gabriel Urgebadze (1929-1995), was glorified in the choir of saints of the Georgian Church on December 20, 2012. This occurred an unbelievably short time after his repose—17 years later.

From the Sayings of the Elder

Whoever learns to love will be happy. Only do not think that love is an inborn talent. One can learn love, and we must.

Without sacrifice for the sake of the Lord and of our neighbor nothing will come of the spiritual life. You won’t learn to love without sacrifice.

God will not accept empty words. God loves deeds. Good deeds are what love is.

Live so that not only God would love you, but also so that people would love you—there is no greater thing than this.




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