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All Ye Saints, Pray to God for Us!

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St Xenia Skete






An Alphabetical listing of Orthodox Saints and Feast Days.

“Glorious is the light of the sun,
but not so glorious as the light of the saints.
The firmament is embellished by the lustre of the stars,
but not so embellished as the firmament of the hearts of the saints.
Gladsome is the earth in spring, but more so
the earth of the darts of the saints.”
–St Isaac the Syrian

God glorified His holy ones for their devotion, obedience to and love for Him. They are alive forever in God and eager to help those on earth who struggle for salvation. We ask for their prayers so that we too will be made holy through their heavenly intercessions for us.
All Ye Saints, Pray to God for Us! is a valuable reference guide that every Orthodox church and pious home will find indispensable. It enables one to immediately find the date of a saint’s commemoration or a feast day. — Backcover


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