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An Athonite Geontikon: Sayings and Stories of the Holy Fathers of Mount Athos

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 Holy Monastery of St. Gregory Palamas






Orthodox patristic writings. The main aim of this second English edition is to bring our dear English-speaking reader in touch with the unknown grandeur of the Hesychastic Monasticism of the Holy Mountain. Mount Athos is a centuries old arena of ascesis, stillness, prayer, liturgical life. It is the only place in the world, where for centuries, the All-holy Name of the Holy Trinity is glorified and, where men, who believe in love and truly the God-man Jesus and the Lady Theotokos, are sanctified. It is Panagia’s Garden in which nature, along with holiness and virtue, are sweet smelling due to the presence of the Divine Grace of the Holy Spirit. May the whole world wake from the deep sleep of materialism and modern idolatry and may it hear the spiritual trumpets of Athos, the silent monks and fathers, for a new life according to the Holy Gospel. Trumpets which place emphasis on the divine lineage of man as an “image of God” and his divine destination which is purification, enlightenment and theosis.


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