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Consoler of Suffering Hearts: The Life, Counsels and Miracles of Eldress Rachel, Vissionary of Russia

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Archpriest Sergei Lebedev






A great ascetic in the tradition of The Way of a Pilgrim, Eldress Rachel wandered for many years all over Russia, barefoot, praying all the while. She finally settled in Borodino Monastery where she lived for over 40 years up until her death in 1928.

In the last years of her long life, Eldress Rachel was vouchsafed the gift of prophecy, seeing into the hearts of those who came to her for guidance. Having a direct relationship with God and His Most Pure Mother, she beheld heavenly visions and had many Divine visitations.

Mother Rachel became for the Russian people, a quick consoler and true directress. She saw much sorrow and suffering and dried countless tears through her loving words of counsel.

A miracle-worker in her own time, Eldress Rachel continues her miraculous intercession after her death. In July of 1996 she was locally canonised as a Saint by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Consoler of Suffering Hearts, written by a close disciple of the Eldress, contains her life, counsels and accounts of her miracles and clairvoyance.


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