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Exomologetarion: A Manual of Confession

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When one encounters the illumined instructions found in St.Nikodemos the Hagiorite’s Manual of Confession, he feels himself freed from both the delusions of this age and his own blindness to sin. St. Nikodemos, as an inheritor of the Apostolic Tradition and exponent of the Patristic mind and a Church Father who straddled the divide between antiquity and modernity, is an exceptionally qualified guide for all who would repent and enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Mt. 3:2). The Manual of Confession offers, in addition to an edifying instruction to the Spiritual Father, a meticulous interpretation of the Canons of St. John the Faster, an enlightening counsel for the penitent on how to confess, and a soul-profiting homily on repentance, making it essential reading for all who desire to be cured of the passions and find consolation from their afflictions.

  • Volume One in the series: The Works of St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite
  • Preface by His Grace BASIL, Bishop of Wichita
  • Introduction by Protopresbyter George Metallinos, Dean of the Theological School, University of Athens


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