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Experiences of the Grace of God

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Archimandrite Georgios – Mount Athos


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For man to struggle against his bad-self, against his egoism and against the desires of the world and the devil, he needs to taste the Grace of God, to be made sweet by the sweetness of the Holy Spirit. It is experience in Christ which supports Christians in their struggle to be pleasing to God.

It is possible, however, for our weakness and for the devil to lead us astray, so that false experiences rather than those of God become our guides along treacherous paths and into murky waters, if we do not take heed. Our participation, in the life of the Orthodox Church, the only true faith in Christ the Theanthrope (God-Man), our heart-felt acceptance and espousal of its Holy Tradition and its everyday practices are a surety for those of us who aspire to see the face of its Bridegroom, to have a hope of eternal life to taste from the present age the true experience of God.

“Taste and see that upright s the Lord”, on the terms and conditions, however, recognised by our Church, who bears and will continue to bear Saints in the communion of God, with experience of the eternal life. The answer of the Apostle Philip, which he gave to his then still unbelieving friend, the Apostle Nathaniel is also under the one espoused by the Orthodox Church for al; those who doubt the authenticity of its experience: “Come and see”.

Come and become a living member of the Church in obedience and discipline to Christ, humble the spirit of self-esteem, fight against the spirits of evil and then you will rejoice, you will leanr. You will taste the authentic personal expeirience which God out of His boundless love gives to those who sincerely and diligently seek Him


  • Preface
  • Forms of Experience of the Grace of Go
  • Presuppositions for Authentic Experience of the Grace of God
  • False Experiences of the Grace of God
  • About Pentecostals
  • The Orthodox Church, the Place of the Authentic Experience of the Grace of God


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