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Father Porphyrios: The Discerning, The Forseeing, The Healer

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Anargyros J. Kalliatsos






I was deeply touched when I read the book of Mr A. Kalliatsos, a good friend and eminent scholar, pious Christian and a man of good deeds. It is a book about father Porphyrios, “Papouli”, presenting definite events regarding his holy life. Father Porphyrios who is among the Lord’s saints, was an enlightened apostle of the Lord. He taught by means of his holy life and deeds the truth about life; only deep faith and good deeds lead to salvation.

My Kalliatsos lived very close to Papouli and by divine concession he became a truthful eyewitness of father Porphyrios’ deep spiritual experiences. In a time when atheism, disrespect and materialism prevail in the world, the man is turned aside from God’s will. Writing and studying of such religious books and biographies is the myrrh our soul is seeking in order to get rid of the evil that lies around us, or is created by us.

What could I, the humblest, say about father Porphyrios and the divine gifts Mr Kalliatsos experiences near him under God’s consent.

Books beneficial to the soul, continuous spiritual struggle inside our holy Church and faith will give us joy and deliverance. In this way, we will honour the gift of the life the Lord has endowed us with. We have this obligation.

Surely, when we live like this, Papouli will not leave us. — Prologue


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