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Four Homilies on the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

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Four Homilies on the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus: Saint John Chrysostom

Most brilliant star in the firmament of the saints, pillar of the Church, and teacher of the Universe, the whole city gathered in the different churches to hear Saint John Chrysostom preach. His brilliant eloquence made such a profound impression that he was often interrupted by the thunderous applause of the congregation. His words were like the abundant waters of the river which makes glad the city of God (Psalm 45:4); they entered deeply into people’s hearts and raised up souls to God and to love of virtue.

As Saint John was the most eloquent of all the Fathers, it became customary to call him Chrysostom, which means of the golden mouth. His preaching was based on Holy Scripture, whose honey he had gathered through much ascetical labor in solitude. He loved to explain the literal meaning of the sacred text and to show the coherence of the divine plan that it e=revealed, but always with reference to the immediate demands of the Christian life. He would contemplate the abyss of the mysteries of God and search out the riches of the dogmas, showing how they find their expression in the virtues, especially in alms-giving, justice, humility, repentance and compunction of heart, based on faith in the infinite greatness of the mercy of God.

Hence, Saint John Chrysostom has often been called the Preacher of Mercy and the Illuminated Eye of Repentance, and quite simply, the greatest expositor of the Scriptures who ever lived. — Backcover


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