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From Crimea to the Stars: The Story of Saint Luke the Physician

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George C. Papageorgiou






From Crimea to the Stars: The Story of Saint Luke the Physician

Saint Luke was a true apostle, and confessor of Christ. He gave up everything, including his honour, independence, family life, prosperity, by confessing his faith and enduring the suffering of his people through martyrdom.

Saint Luke was an extraordinary personality, combining excellent aptitude for surgery, scientific research and drawing with an incredibly strong character.

Gifted with a prodigious capacity for hard work and being able to successfully deal with problems, he was also strong-willed and brave. In addition to always being true to himself and glad to assume responsibility, he greatly loved helping people, especially the suffering, irrespective of their political inclination. Without any ulterior motive, he gladly put all his gifts into service to God, the Church and his people. — Backcover


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